Ízelítő, the restaurant with only disabled waiters opens its new unit in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jun 18, 2019

Everything is exactly the same as in an average restaurant, except that only people with disabilities work here.

There's a unique restaurant in Szekszárd: the restaurant of Kék Madár Alapítvány (Blue Bird Foundation), where only disabled people work. Now the time has come to expand their social enterprise: their new restaurant opened in Budapest, in the 12th district. Andrea Mészáros, the Managing Director of the Blue Bird Foundation first met this integrative solution the Netherlands in a restaurant, where people with intellectual disabilities were the waiters. The concept is not unknown to Budapest either: there is another restaurant in the 8th district by the „Nem adom fel” Foundation, where also disabled people serve and organize events.

The original Ízelítő was founded in 2007 at Szekszárd, and apart from executives, all employees are disabled person. The new unit in Buda is the same: Hegyvidéki Ízelítő provide menus with quality ingredients, there are salads, sandwiches, wines from Szekszárd, craft beers, lemonades, and they offer lunch menu between 11 AM and 3 PM. Hegyvidéki Ízelítő has exclusive and family-friendly interior, and an umbrella-covered terrace overlooking Apor Vilmos Square, which makes it a great place in summer.

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