7 best places to have a lemonade
Posted by Budnews · Jul 29, 2019

Summer means one thing for sure: lemonade! We collected the best (at least our favorite) places where to get your chilling drink this summer.

360 Bar

Breathtaking panorama and super lemonade? If you choose 360 Bart at the top of the famous building of Párisi Nagyáruház than it's guaranteed. Visit them after work, bring your sweetheart or your new dating partner, or maybe your buddies - you won't regret it.

Csendes Bar & café

Only one block away from Astoria and Kálvin Square, there's a small place where even the regulars find something new every time they haven’t noticed before. The finely mixed cold and warm premium drinks, the various programs are ideal for young and older, girls and boys, for those who want to meet new people, for small and bigger companies, gatherings, with mom or dad, boss, colleague, wife or husband, actually for everyone.


Since the opening in summer 2014, Raqpart has been one of our favorites. We always like to sit here in the afternoon with a delicious lemonade in our hand and just stare and enjoy the panorama. The views of the Chain Bridge, the Castle and the Matthias Church are also superb, no one should miss this experience.


If you would like to sip lemonade from a jar or from a bucket with your friends, do not miss the delicacies of AHOY! You can order your lemonade in an infinite variety - choose "how many bubbles" do you want to have in your drink, what flavor would you like to have, and how much ice you want, and you can enjoy your cool drink in minutes. We can get the artisanal lemonades in a total of 100 (!) different flavors.

Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró

A little further from downtown Budapest, but in a more pleasant environment, you can sip your lemonade in the sun loungers of Fellini. Fresh, fruity homemade lemonades, draft beers, Belgian glass beers, squeezed orange juice, beer cocktails, and iced coffee… they have everything you might wish for.

Vintage Garden

If you have ever been to the Vintage Garden, you probably agree, that this is the cutest place of the city. Well, they are strong not only in decor and cookies, but also in lemonade - make sure to try the strawberry flavor, it's so yummy!


There is a good place in the shadow of Budapest Eye, where everything is given for a perfect evening. They make divine lemonade spiced with fruits, in several version including mint, mango, strawberry, passion, elderberry, melon and kiwi. An oasis in the heart of the city where you can relax with a glass of cold drink under the trees of the square.

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