Best donut shops in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Feb 21, 2020

If there is something like „time for donuts”, February definitely is that time.

February means two thing for sure: carnival and donuts. Yes, donuts are available all year long, but Carnival donut is something more - at least in our heart. If you're in Budapest, these are the places you should try for a good donut:

The Donut Library

The offer is always colorful and always very varied - with seasonal specialties, not just for the holidays. In addition to the seasonal offerings, there are always simpler and more extra donuts, often built around a well-known chocolate brand for double enjoyment. But the best thing is that you can get a book off the shelf if you want a little me time and reed while you eat.

The Box Donut

The square shape of the donuts is not only practical because it makes difference from other brands, but they also fits better in their take-away boxes. We can choose from stuffed and basic, glazed and sugary donuts, in all flavors and colors, from basic unstuffed cinnamon to exclusive lemon curd pistachios.

MR Funk

Classic American donuts made here in almost endless varieties. We can taste nutella flavored, strawberry glazed with marshmallows, chocolate M & M's, or coffee cream donuts for example. The interior design is a never-seen-before kid's room where it's fun to eat with your hands and be dirty.


This place is worshiping the American candy cult, because besides the donuts, you can get a lot of American chocolate, candy, cereal here. They always make different extras for the seasons, so you'll find something new even if you go there every week.


This donut shop with Italian and Viennese roots carry the tradition of classic carnival donuts in the pastry, and has beautiful floral shape in the appearance. These donuts are available in every flavor from classic jam to pistachio cream or mascarpone coffee. Their seasonal donuts are always a good choice.

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