A bit of Spain in Pest city center
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Mar 26, 2014

Oxtail and babysepia showed up behind the National Museum, in downtown Pest.

Before calling PETA or getting frightened to death, I’m reassuring everyone: no massacre occurred. These are just dishes from Padron's – the latest Spanish flavored bar - menu. Budapest’s coolest tapasplace is barely half-year-old, but already has its frequenters. The authenticity of the cozy restaurant is well demonstrated by the factthat a significant part of this regular audience is Spanish.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/padrontapas

The name of the place comes from the Padron peppers that you can also taste here, in addition to the other Spanish-themed tapas. Because tapas is not one type of snack: it’s the common name of a wide variety of cold and hot appetizers or snacks in the Spanish cuisine. Tapas are clearly not for main meals, but ideal for chatting or drinking, so the food portions are adjusted to that. Depending on the kind of temperament and stomach capacity 2-3 bowls can be assigned, but if you only yearn for a little light snack, you can still feel free to go into and order a light dose of serrano ham or a bowl of olives. The question arises: How does such a Mediterranean place gets here in Hungary? We could learn the response from the owner, Gabriella Beck.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/padrontapas

“WhySpanish-themed? The family spent many holidays in Spain and really liked the way the Spanish lives: from one bar to another, drink a cofee in a place and then take a snack in another. Would be nice if we would do so at home. I really liked the Spanish way of life, and the variety of it. Their cuisine is extremely varied compared to other European cuisines, and they fit perfectly for Hungarian’s taste.”

She’s right: such specialsarelistedon the menu like the chipirones (roasted baby sepia), gambas (friedshrimpwith garlic andolive oil), tostada de cebolla caramelizada (caramelizedonions, marinated in sherry with toast) or the ultimate favorite, the tarta de limón con romero (lemon cake with rosemary). These plates make one's mouth water, regardless of nationality. For the even greater diversity, the menu changes a little with the seasons, but the ultimate favorites stay. The menu is compiled on the basis of the experience of the family. They have chosen meals, that they liked on their Spanish trips comparedwith what is worth to acquaint here, in Hungary. Thankfully, the procurement of the very good quality raw materials can be solved easily, does not present any difficulty. For example, parts of the goods such as vegetables are call from Spain. Probably that makes the bar a reallyspecial place, with very fairprices.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/padrontapas

Also not only the food, but also some of the clientele comes from abroad. A Spanish company reveler in the background inspire the next question: How could they know about this place? They have never advertised, but somehow the famespreadsoquickly. Gabi told me that they are also watching in amazement how spread the word about this 48 square meters restaurant. The key is probably the specialty of the bar: while Turkish or Chinese restaurant is located in one step, we need to look for a good Spanish diner with a magnifying glass in a haystack. Or maybe it’s the family atmosphere: Guestsreally lovethat this is a family-runplace. This means a whole different relationship to the guests, and word gets out. Some years ago, after a forced change of career, the Beck family decided it was time to realize an old dream: open their own restaurant, together.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/padrontapas

“I always wanted to work with people. People to host. My whole life was about this. Although the rest of the family did not walk out on their job, everyone has a "civil" profession, the whole family helps. Everyone shows up from time to time: my husband, my kids, my son-in-law. Everyone just a little bit, by the time they have. I'm the one who is alwayshere, and it is very marvelous to work here. We get very good feedback continuously that give us strength day by day.” - ExplainsGabriella.

Answering the question about the long-term goals, the owner revealed: although the place is perfectly ready, they want to have a pavement terrace for the summer. But in spite ofall thesuccess, they do not think about creating a chain, because being a family bar is the part of the image. Like Gabi said: „We have to behere, it’s tremendously important for all of us.”

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