Chocolate Museum - the sweetest place on earth
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · May 18, 2016

If Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is your favorite film ever, than Chocolate Museum will be your Heaven on Earth.

We know a place in the eastern corner of Budapest. A place worth living for. This is Chocolate Museum, where even the gates depict cocoa tree, chocolate flows from a fountain and sublime aromas fill the air. The Chocolate Passage offers the possibility of cultural recharge: we can view hundred-year-old chocolate maker tools and the products of grand old chocolate factory owners. Here, each object has its own history. As a next step, participants make their own chocolate, then sip a cup of hot chocolate and later watch an old movie about the interesting history of chocolate. During the film not only the eyes and the soul will be nourished, but taste buds as well, because chocolate tasting is connected to the film screening.

There are thematic chocolate tours as the Praline Tour, the Princely Tour and the Deli’Do Extra Program. They combine chocolate and history: start at the entrance of the museum, at the chocolate fountain, continue with taking a view at the Rákóczi paintings and we can taste a special Tokaji aszú raisin in chocolate wrap or other chocolate sweets and even Pálinka. The visitors make their own chocolate too. You get a sweet cookie basket, hold it under the flowing chocolate and fill it with that. Thereafter you can spice it for example with chili, colorful candies, cinnamon or coconut. They will put it in a box and you can bring it home, as a perfect present.


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