Have a good spritzer @ Vajdahunyad castle
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · May 19, 2016

Spritzer picnic is a compulsory program if you like good wines and pleasant sunshine.

There are not many nations that dilute the expensive and good quality wine with water, but we Hungarians swim against the tide once again. Spritzer („fröccs”) is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Hungary. It’s made from wine and soda water (not mineral water!) in different proportions.

In fact, we are so big fans that we devote a special event for this great drink: spritzer picnic is held between 20-22 May in the City Park. The protagonist of this weekend will be the famous Hungarian refreshing drink, spritzer, and in addition to the classic types made from wine, we can taste such curiosities as the beer and pálinka spritzer. Children are welcome with alcohol-free, fruit spritzers of course. Besides the beverages, the most popular street food sellers will be present, so grab a blanket and come picnic with us!

Until then let’s familiarize with the different kinds of this great drink. This is just a little foretaste, on the spot there will be more than 150 different types of spritzer. Basic types are the following:

  • The Long Stride („Hosszúlépés”): 200 ml of soda water to 100 ml of wine
  • The Big Spritzer („Nagyfröccs”): 100 ml of soda water to 200 ml of wine
  • The Small Spritzer („Kisfröccs”): 100 ml of soda water to 100 ml of wine
  • The Concierge („Házmester”): 200 ml of soda water to 300 ml of wine
  • The Krúdy („Krúdy fröccs”): 100 ml of soda water to 900 ml of wine

Come and try them all!

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