The Titled Kilt to open a sport bar in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Sep 9, 2016

With its wide range of food and drink selection, big screen TVs with sport programs, sexy waiters and waitresses, The Titled Kilt would be welcomed by a lot of people in Budapest

Four years after the highly anticipated opening of Hooters, there is another restaurant chain to open a new spot in Budapest: The Titled Kilt wants to open a sports bar in the Hungarian capital.

As part of their international expansion, they plan on entering the Hungarian market, as well, and at the moment, they are looking for a financially stable, marketing-orientated investor who also has some experience in the catering industry.

We really hope that they will find their new local partner soon and we don’t have to wait for long the opening of a brand new spot in Budapest. We really hope that, because we are already huge fans of The Titled Kilt.

The brand was founded in Las Vegas 13 years ago, in 2003. They opened the first Celtic bar with attractive waitresses and waiters serving the customers’ food and drink orders in kilts. The Kilt Girls and Kilt Boys clothes became the trade-mark outfits of the restaurant chain and helped to make it really well-known everywhere: at the moment, there are more than 100 sport bars running under this brand name all over the world.

We have already mentioned the wide range of food and drink selection, well, it is really great: they offer dozens of traditional and contemporary American, Irish, Scottish food and almost 30 types of bottled and draft beer.

And because there is no sport bar without sports, the excellent flavours are completed with the experience of big flat screen televisions to watch top sport programmes broadcasted. The average floorspace of The Titled Kilt sport bars is not small either: it is between 450 and 900 m2 so be prepared for a grandiose adventure!

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