Top 5 Best Hot Chocolate Spots In Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 13, 2016

Our colleague, Mia is a big fan of sweets, especially hot chocolates – let her invite you for a short imaginary ‘hot chocolate tour’ to the best spots of Budapest.


If you have already tried the lemonades served is jars and buckets in Ahoy!, I am sure that you can’t wait to return to taste something else, too. Well, their waffles are amazing, just like their hot chocolate. The friendly drink bar offers you the possibility to create your own unique chocolate drink by choosing the size of it and a chocolate type (dark, white, milk chocolate; from lactose-free or almond milk) and the flavoring. Would you like to have a spicy chocolate drink, a seedy one or a fruity one? You choose ant they create it. In the end, you can get some whipped cream and toppings: choose marshmallows, Christmas candy or a sugary sauce, we are sure that you will love it.

Café Factory

What could be better on a cold winter afternoon than sitting in a nice café and drinking a mug of hot chocolate? Well, if you ask me, not so many things. Maybe enjoying your mug of hot chocolate while reading books, newspapers and using the café’s free wifi, too. That’s what Café Factory guarantees, if you choose one of the twenty kinds of hot chocolates they serve.


We simply can’t forget about VinoWonka, where wine and chocolate live together in happy coexistence – and together they can make all of us happy, as well. Visit the place for a nice and delicious hot-chocolate in the morning and for a delicious wine in the evening in any cold winter day. Of course you can interchange the drinks in your daily schedule but only for your own responsibility. ;)

Darjeeling Tea House and Café

Are you having a long, tiring day in the city? If you feel that nothing could make you smile, just visit Darjeeling Tea House and Café in Wesselényi Street – their hospitality and nice Indian atmosphere will immediately make you feel like being on a nice journey to the Far East. Choose an amazing hot chocolate from their menu, and I can tell you that all of their hot chocolates are amazing because of the very good quality melted chocolate.

Four Seasons Hotel – Gresham Palace

If you would like to enjoy not only an awesome hot chocolate, but luxury, as well, then let me suggest you to try Four Season’s Hotel’s delicacy. Made of very special French chocolate and served in Herendi porcelain cups with cookies and chocolate chips, your body and soul will be enchanted, for sure.

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