People try Hungarian food for the first time
Posted by Budnews · Jan 4, 2017

Buzzfeed get people taste Hungarian dishes and a Hungarian guy gives pálinka to Balinese people.

We can write about Hungarian dishes again and again, million times, it’s still hard to imagine. We know. You may heard about our stuffed cabbage and goulash-soup, but the name doesn’t mean much, does it? Well, Buzzfeed made a real funny video about young people trying our national dishes. Yes, it’s not the same as tasting yourself, but still… This video is worth watching.

The youngsters have to taste and (pronounce!) the goulash soup with sour cream, stuffed cabbage, paprika chicken with egg noodle dumplings and vinegar-pickled vegetable mix, and plum dumpling. Spoiler: The goulash soup with sour cream had undivided popularity, the Hungarian name of paprika chicken, noodle dumplings and vegetables sounded like Game of Thrones characters to one of the testers, and plum dumpling is basically for „make children be quiet”. And we haven’t spoken about their facial expressions yet! But watch the video instead, it’s funnier anyway.

If that's not enough: there’s a Hungarian photo guy, Gergely Jancsó, who makes beautiful videos about his trip in Bali. And one part is about a famous Hungarian – not food, but – drink: pálinka. He offered the local people this strong spirit, and what can we say... it seems that people of Bali are not ready for a good Hungarian plum pálinka.

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