10+1 top street food places in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 20, 2017

Our capital city is offering more and more spots to taste street food. Some of these places are quite nice but let us show you the best ones, according to Dining Guide.

Dining Guide has recently published their well-known restaurant guide, in which they listed more street food spots than ever: almost 150 places were presented by them. Furthermore, they have listed 10+1 restaurants on their website – the cream of the Budapest street food paradise. Places that you should definitely visit if you are in our capital city.

According to Dining Guide, street food spots mean “places where we can eat really good meals while on the go”. What do they mean? Well, you can eat the food on the run but also while sitting for a couple of minutes (or a little bit longer, as you wish) in the restaurant. In these places, there are no waiters so – as they say – it is not a big deal to come by for a nice meal.

The aim of Dining Guide’s list is to attract attention to the street food selection of Budapest – places are getting opened one after the other, and they provide so fantastic experiences that you would recommend these spots to anyone after visiting them. When making the list, they focused on the harmony and elaboration of flavours, the balanced standard represented by the restaurant, good quality ingredients, and original ideas, concepts.

What else could we say? Come to Budapest, and taste the best street food in the following restaurants – voila, the online list of Dining Guide:

1. Bamba Marha Burger Bár

2. Bp BARBq

3. Food Truck Yard

4. Holy Cow

5. Kemencés Pizza

6. Odú

7. Revolución Budapest

8. Steamboo

9. Töltő

10. Vegan Love

+1. A Séf Asztala

Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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