Slow down before Christmas in these Budapest streets
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 7, 2017

If you want to experience something new or almost forgotten, like slowing down a little bit before Christmas, visit these streets in Budapest.

Shopping, the crowd everywhere and Christmas fairs with almost the same products in the city – the time of Advent has become a mad rush for gifts and other things instead of concentrating on our loved ones and ourselves. But three streets in Budapest attempt to offer an alternative this year.

The three streets and the initiatives born there are the following ones: Falk Miksa Street and the Falk & Art Antique Street, Ráday Street and the Ráday Soho, Bartók Béla Street and the Bartók Béla Boulevard. They organize their own local programs with the aim of slowing down, finding ourselves, returning to the core values of Christmas and enjoying some cultural experiences together.

With their unique atmosphere and traditions, all of these streets offer various program possibilities to their visitors to bring Christmas spirit into their lives. Of course you can do some Christmas shopping here, if you want, but a lot more is offered to you: the possibility to relax a bit and obtain cultural experiences while drinking a cup of hot mulled wine.

On 8 December, as part of the Christmas preparation, special Advent programmes welcome the visitors in Falk Miksa, Ráday and Bartók Béla Streets.

In the first one, thematic walks will be organized (it can be interesting for you mainly if you are interested in antiquities), the second one offers guided tours to some of the local contemporary art galleries while the third one will surprise you with pop-up design sales, arts and crafts programs and a mobile sauna, as well.

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