The complete bicycle map of Budapest is here
Posted by Budnews · Sep 24, 2018

Budapest Transport Centre created the complex map of urban cycling.

Although Budapest traditionally does not belong to the bicycle-friendly cities, but luckily there have been many positive changes in the recent years. In the last 4 years the bicycle network has increased by 30 percent, MOL Bubi, the bike sharing system of the city has been operating for also nearly four years and has been developing continuously, the BKK official route planner now can plan for bicycle too, thousands of new bicycle storage spaces have been established and the number of public transport services on which bicycles can be transported is constantly expanding. So, it was the time to create a new bicycle map of Budapest, and fortunately, BKK made it. The new map focuses on releasing most of the information related to urban cycling, more accurate than ever.

The Hungarian-English bilingual publication presents the designated bicycle routes - separately the urban green routes, the mountain biking routes and the EuroVelo 6 routes; it shows the main bicycle network (those main routes between different parts of the city that are secured and designated for cyclists), all traffic-stricken streets is marked (those streets where the maximum speed limit is 30 km/h, the residential and rest zones where cycling is safer), just as all one-way streets with bicycle and all public transport lines where bicycle transport is permitted. The map shows bicycle storage facilities at the main public transport hubs, public pumps (there are 20 of these in the city), KRESZ parks, and MOL Bubi centres.

One side of the map shows the entire territory of the capital, while the other side shows the road network of the city centre recommended for cycling in a more detailed resolution and shows the main bicycle roads of the city with schematic representation. On the backside, other bike-related contents are also available: list of bicycle-friendly public transport vehicles and the rules of usage, tips for bikers, introduction of the MOL Bubi system, EuroVelo 6 bicycle routes and a brief introduction of European Cycling Challenge.

The map, which demonstrates that practically the entire Budapest road network can be accessed by bicycles can be obtained from BKK's customer centres and at the office of their professional partner, the Hungarian Bicycle Club. The map is also available online on the new page of the company about cycling at .

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