Safety Truck for safe roads
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jan 19, 2016

Samsung developed a great solution against trucks that embitter the lives of all of us.

There’s no man who hasn’t been annoyed ever stuck behind a truck on a highway lane: since it’s almost impossible to safely overtake the awkwardly large vehicle, there is no other solution than trudge. But the South Korean tech company, Samsung invented the wheel: well, not transparent car, but almost. They fit cameras to the front of the trucks and a huge screen to the back, thus making it clear whether the road is safe for overtaking or not. This technology solves the problem that you cannot see what is happening in front of the truck.

Brilliant, isn’t it? The Safety Truck consists of a wireless camera attached to the front of the truck, which is connected to a video wall made out of four exterior monitors located on the back of the truck. The monitors give drivers behind the truck a view of what is going on ahead, even in the dark of night. This allows drivers to have a better view when deciding whether it is safe to overtake.

So far Samsung has been able to confirm that the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people. Although this extra ‘cinema’ can be confusing to the driver behind the truck, but in any case, it’s an ingenious innovation. The next step is to perform the corresponding tests in order to comply with the existing national protocols and obtain the necessary permits and approvals.

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