S. S. Maria Theresa - amazing luxury cruise ship on the Danube
Posted by Mia Balogh · Apr 26, 2016

Some people say that travelling is not a luxury anymore. But it can be if you decide to choose the best of the best, for example the opulent, baroque-inspired cruise ship S. S. Maria Theresa.

I really like travelling and I am lucky because since my childhood, I have had the opportunity to do it quite often. Some trips were really cheap, others were a little bit more expensive but I always felt that travelling is worth saving money for.

I think the same about travelling on the luxury passenger boat S. S. Maria Theresa. The baroque-inspired, opulent, 150-passenger cruise ship offers extravagant amenities and luxurious accommodations with fabric wall coverings, plush carpets, antique furnishings and original art.

Designed by the Red Carnation Hotel Collection, the 443 ft S.S. Maria Theresa has 64 staterooms and 11 suites, including the 410-square foot royal suite. Its smallest staterooms are just over 160 square feet.

The grand lobby features a 10-ft oil painting of Maria Theresa, whose 40-year reign ended with her death in 1780.

Canopy or four-poster Savoir beds are also lavish.

The panorama is amazing!

Photos: dailymail.co.uk

When you are not in their rooms or above deck, you can enjoy the all-inclusive trip in full-service bars, a restaurant or cinema. The riverboat also has a heated swimming pool, spa, and coffee bar, and guests are treated to in-room butler services.

Photos: nlcafe.hu

If you would like travel on this luxury cruise ship and see the beauties of Europe from the Netherlands to Hungary, you can do it in December this year. Their Grand Christmas & New Year's Cruise departs from Amsterdam on 22 December and arrives to Budapest in 13 days. Ensure your tickets on Uniworld.com for a really special Christmas and New Year’s Eve (prices between $5800 and $8200) and enjoy one of the most splendid excursions!

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