Zoo Café: coffee shop & petting zoo
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jun 22, 2016

Have a nice café surrounded by animals!

Guess what: there is a place in the city center where you can drink your favorite latte enjoying the company of various animals: turtle, gecko, parrots, kittens…. they all come and go free. This is Zoo café Budapest. The Zoo Cafe that opened in 2014 is probably the best coffee shop in the capital. The original idea was that in a big city many people don’t have the opportunity to keep their own animals at home even though they would like to.

On the Western part of the world hospitals use mouse, snakes and rabbits in the nursing department with good results in animal therapy. This cafe would like to offer a bearable stressful life and give a possibility to have a good time also for the pets and the guests. And they not only have kittens: there are aquariums, terrariums and cages with exotic animals, a total of 20 different species!

As you see, Zoo Cafe is not just an ordinary cafe, but it’s also more than many free, stunning and exotic animals to present, pet or get to know them. The zookeepers always answer all of the questions about the animals. They also can give you information about the keeping, the feeding and the needs of the animals so they can prepare guests for keeping an animal in a responsible way.

And don’t worry, animals have very good conditions thanks to the strict rules. For example: at arrival and departure you should disinfect your hands with the disinfectants on the tables and sleeping kitties must not be disturbed, woken up or removed from the sleeper seat. You definitely have to try this out!


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