Best pedestrian streets of the city
Posted by Budnews · Aug 13, 2016

If you want to know the true lifestyle of Budapest, you have to visit these three places.

Long story short: if you’re hungry, chose Ráday Street! Want some shopping? Váci Street. If you’re looking for some party, your place is Király Street. The long story is:

Király Street

The 1.6 km long Király Street is flourishing. It is divided into two parts both in terms of the atmosphere and importance: the outer part, from Lövölde Square to Nagymező Street is characterized by trolley buses and bustling through traffic; and the inner part from Nagymező Street to Deák Square, which is the heart of the city. Be sure to check out this inner section! This street has historic significance, shops, hostels, restaurants, bars, bistros, tea rooms, Gozsdu court and even Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music are in this neighborhood. That’s why they call Király Street as the most “Pest-style” street.

Ráday Street

Ráday Street connects Kálvin and Boráros squares in 900 meters. It’s often called „the restaurant street” of Budapest because of the uncountable catering facilities there. Michelin restaurant, Belgian French fries, American, Hungarian, Persian and Italian places, coffee shops, jazz bar… impossible to list all of them. But maybe our favorite place is Rombusz, because it’s not only a bar or a garden, but also a community space.

Váci Street

Váci street is the "real" original pedestrian street of Budapest, we’re sure you’ve heard about it. It became the fashionable shopping street of the city in the 18th century, and guess what: back then, the length of the street was the same as the „length” of the city! Now there are two separate parts of it which are situated to the north and south side of the Elizabeth Bridge. The northern part, where the high-level shops are, is almost always full of tourists, while the southern part still has its historic atmosphere and quieter shops, and mainly attracts the local people.

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