Museum tour with kids: where even the little ones won’t get bored
Posted by Budnews · Nov 7, 2017

We collected 3+1 museums in Budapest where the parent and the child both can have great time.

Visiting a museum is great - except when you're with a five-year-old... Let's be honest: these places are way too boring for children. Except these ones!

Hungarian National Museum

Hungarian National Museum is a must-see, a compulsory landmark for everyone. Over the past 200 years, a huge number of artefacts, archaeological, historical and ethnographic beauties have been collected here, which make it easier to understand the history of the Carpathian Basin. And it’s the perfect place for kids, because they have so called „exploring rucksack”. It contains a hat, magnifying glass, headlight, compass, binoculars, a notebook and pen holder, which makes this museum an unforgettable memory. With the help of discovery sheets, we can explore the historical periods together and independently: from wig to cylinder, the 18-19th century, from the ancient man to Roman legions, ancient archaeological finds…

Fairy tale Museum

The most obvious choice for kids is a museum specially tailored to their needs. There is everything here that they (and the parents) love: from sculptures to child psychodrama, slide film screening, board games, paper theater. In the permanent exhibition, visitors can meet the world of Hungarian fairy tales: kids pass through the glass mountain, and experience this magical world all by themselves.

Agricultural Museum

For urban children, you can tell many novelties about how the peoples of the old ages lived, how the animals were farmed, what was hunting and fishing. To explore these, there are several games: one can learn about the history of Vajdahunyad Castle in the city, the specialty of the architectural styles typical of the building, and help the architect's ghost to find his final calm. There is a tour to find Queen Elizabeth's medallion, strolling through the grounds of the museum, and the temporary exhibit, the Ice Tower's mystery is also not only an exhibition but a treasure hunt that invites visitors to an imaginary arctic trip with puzzles and hasty obstacles.

Hungarian Natural History Museum

For children, the exhibits of Natural History Museum are more than exciting: unique Hungarian dinosaur reconstructions, minerals and unique creatures can be impressive in themselves, but there is a separate section for breaking up the excessive energy. In "Nature lover's room" everything can be touched sniffed, experienced... but of course, not ruined.

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