From downtown to Hungaroring and Gödöllő - without transfer!
Posted by Budnews · Feb 22, 2018

Serious developments are coming on metro line M2.

If you like to explore not only the city center, but also the surrounding settlements, we have an interesting news. It seems that direct connection between metro line M2 and H8 suburban railway going to Gödöllő will be realized after several decades. This is important for the Hungarians because there are plenty of people in the agglomeration, who works in the city, and also good for tourists. It will be much easier to reach the picturesque castle of Gödöllő, for example.

In the current state, you have to walk up to 400 meters if you want to transfer from one to the other, which is not scandalously many, but there are way too many stairs for disabled people, and the weather is also a thing to think about. According to the announced plans of the capital, the two lines would be connected, so the two would practically merge. At Örs vezér tere, a spectacular highway station building would be built, which would have a positive effect on the traffic of the area, and would be a unique solution itself. The project is planned to be realized in the 2021-2027 EU budget cycle and it contains the construction of several winglines. Thus, among others, direct connection would be built to Hungaroring, the venue of Forma1 Hungarian Grand Prix.

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