Top 5 saunas in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 26, 2018

You can find some really good saunas at several places in Budapest, but let us show you where to go if you are looking for the best sauna spots.  

Rudas Thermal Bath

In this freezing cold, we all seek for programs that heat us up a little bit. And since we are in Budapest, city of thermal baths, spas and great stuff like that, we think that adding some wellness experience to our day should be evident. If you choose Rudas Bath for this reason, you won’t be disappointed. They can be proud of their more than 450 years old bath tradition, and also of their wellness section and sauna world. The latter contains three dry saunas and two steam baths. Our tip: don’t miss the pool on the rooftop, the view from up there is unforgettable!

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Veli Bej Bath

After its renovation was finished in 2011, Veli Bej became one of the most attractive Turkish baths in Budapest (and it is also the oldest one, by the way). Tourists and locals equally like staying here, looking for some refreshment, relax, a nice massage or just a nice sauna experience. You can enjoy the Finnish sauna, the infra sauna and two steam baths here. Whatever you choose, we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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Lukács Bath

One of the oldest thermal baths in Budapest, Lukács Bath also offers some remarkable sauna choice and programs. They have infra-, Finnish-, naturist- and salt-crystal sauna (a really warm room with Himalaya salt wall). They also offer an aroma cabin, a snow-house (with ice dispenser), and a nice resting area. Our tip: they have special sauna programs every Friday, so if you would like to participate, visit the bath on a Friday evening.

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Oxygen Wellness Naphegy

If you want to combine a fantastic wellness program with a super sauna experience, choose Oxygen Wellness Naphegy. Named after its location on Naphegy (Sun Hill), this facility can be one of your favourites. We mean, if you will be able to choose from their sauna offer: they have 14 different types of saunas there! Amazing, isn’t it? Furthermore, they used to organize special sauna seanses here, and well, who knows… maybe they will do some again on one of these grey, cold February afternoons. We really hope so. ;)

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Mobile sauna

Earlier, we published some articles about a mobile sauna – transformed from a van by the City and River Association (VALYO) –, which can be found every year at different locations on the Danube bank in Budapest. This year, you can check it out at Rákóczi Bridge and if you want to try it, you can book here and schedule some special sauna experience for yourself and your love or your friends.

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