Chain Bridge and surroundings to be renovated from September
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 14, 2018

The Chain Bridge, Clark Adam Square and the famous Buda Castle Tunnel will be renovated. Construction works begin this September and expected to last at least three years.

Some of us already know that Chain Bridge and its surroundings are going to be renovated but it might be a surprising detail that the renovation will take quite a lot of time. It will be carried out in two phases: in the first one, the tunnel for tram 2 on the Pest side and the surroundings will be renewed, after all this comes the development of Buda Castle Tunnel and Clark Ádám Square.

As we have already mentioned above, works are scheduled to start this September, and are estimated to last altogether some 3-3.5 years. It has not been finalized yet so it can change (we don’t suppose that the renovation will take less time, on the contrary, we think that it might last even longer in the end).

‘The road over the bridge, sidewalk and railings will be renewed, while the stone surfaces will be repaired and cleaned. The bridge is expected to be enhanced with modern street lamps and floodlights, and the underpasses of the abutments and the stairways will also be restored’ – writes WeLoveBudapest.

So if you visit Budapest in the next 5 months, don’t miss out a nice walk on the Chain Bridge and Clark Adam Square because after that, you can only do so in 2021 (or even later).

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