Hungarian fashion brand conquered London and New York Fashion Week
Posted by Budnews · Mar 19, 2018

There is a huge interest in Whispering Wind.

Hanna Cserkuthy, the owner and designer of Whispering Wind brand made her international debut. The Hungarian fashion brand has been introduced to the international fashion industry on the New York and London Fashion Week in the framework of an exclusive program, where representatives of the press, buyers and various VIP guests could meet Hanna's brand.

After the American event, several New York stores showed interest in Cserkuthy's latest collection, and even Malaysian buyers noticed the brand’s sales opportunities. After the success in New York, Whispering Wind has been invited to an exclusive event at London Fashion Week, where it could present its collection to ambassadors and representatives of the British fashion press.

But who is this young and successful Hungarian girl? Designer of Whispering Wind, Hanna Cserkuthy has been dreaming about creating dresses ever since she was a child. Her collections reflect her desire for freedom, comfort and gracefulness, expressed in both her casual dresses and evening wear creations. Through Whispering Wind, Hanna’s main goal is to help women express their unique selves and find their personal style.

All Whispering Wind dresses radiate casual elegance. The brand’s unique creations are breezy and comfortable yet sensual, highlighting the feminine features. The label, that has been founded in 2015 has been featured in leading fashion publications on numerous occasion, such as Vogue and Elle.

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