5+1 programs for April
Posted by Budnews · Mar 27, 2018

Winter is finally over (yes, we now about March, but it seems, the weather doesn’t), so we are super excited about the new season’s programs. We’re already telling you: you won’t be bored!

1, Budapest Spring Festival, 30 March – 22 April

Budapest Spring Festival is one of the city’s and Hungary’s most significant cultural events. This almost one-month long festival offers everything you might wish: classical music, opera, jazz and folk music, world music, crossover, dance and theatre performances, and even a fashion competition will entertain us. During this period, Budapest becomes the cultural center of Europe for the 38th.

2, Akvárium Spring Terrace, 1 - 22 April

In addition to the musical and cultural programs, the main attraction of Akvárium at Deák Square is the terrace that can accommodate hundreds of people. This is where Akvárium Spring Terrace takes place and await visitors with 40, mainly acoustic concerts.

3, Titanic International Film Festival, 4 -13 April

The 25th Titanic International Film Festival, one of the biggest movie events in Hungary offers an exciting and colorful jubilee program this year. 47 films from all around the world – from which 9 is in competition - will be shown at 7 Budapest venues. This year’s festival highlight will be the mysterious Iceland so you can also watch – beside the short film selection – Baltasar Kormákur’s The Oath.

4, VinCE Budapest, 5 -7 April

As the name implies, the event is mainly about wine (vin) and has strong emphasis on Central Europe (CE). There will be 160 exhibitors at the event, from Hungary and neighboring countries and even some distant wineries are coming. In addition to the wines, pálinka also plays an important role. Other gourmet products - cheeses, olive oils, special sausages and many more will be also available on the event.

5, Spring Bicycle Parade, 22 April, 3:00pm - 6:00 pm

The Great Spring Bicycle Parade of Budapest is back! Following the previous bicycle parades, you can now get ready to fuse your love for Budapest with cycling again in our mass Spring ride. “I bike Budapest” is meant to be the celebration for all those who ride a bike in this city, and also a demonstration for a bicycle-friendly, livable city for all.

+1: Budapest Art Week, 17-22 April

Budapest Art Week is a program series since 2016, an additional art program of Budapest Spring Festival. Its purpose is to attract Hungarian and foreign people and engage them to the art life of Budapest. 70 venues, nearly 150 programs (exhibitions, guided art tours, open studios, workshops) are waiting for the curious people.

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