5 reasons why Budapest Spring Fair is a must-see
Posted by Mia Balogh · Apr 5, 2018

If you spent Easter Holidays in Budapest, you might have tumbled upon Budapest Spring Fair. But if you haven’t seen it yet, we have some reasons for you to definitely drop by! ;)

  1. Central location

If you would like to see Budapest, we are sure that you can’t miss the city centre: the always bustling Deák Square, Erzsébet Square with the popular Budapest Eye (the Ferris wheel out there) and of course Váci Street and Vörösmarty Square. The latter is the place where one of the most popular Christmas fairs in Budapest is organized every year, and now, until 22 April it attracts those who want to see a local spring fair.

  1. Free admission

After the central location, we also have to emphasize a very important advantage: the admission for Budapest Spring Fair is free.

  1. Free samples

Of course you can buy some mouth-watering food, sweets and handmade souvenirs but if you just want to taste some gastro goods for free, you can do so. Our tip is to visit the event on a Wednesday between 2 and 4 PM, because there will be some free food tastings in the café located at the stage.

  1. Colourful program-palette

We have just mentioned the stage: this will be the place for some hundred cultural events to entertain guests during the festival. Folk music, jazz, crossover and soul concerts, as well as puppet shows, and music and dance performances are scheduled here.

  1. Creativity

If you arrive with kids, we recommend you to visit the fair in the weekend. We know, it will be more crowded out there, for sure, but the fun and creative programs like egg painting, weaving little baskets, making jewellery, candles and toys and creating table decorations will definitely entertain your children.

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