Picnic mood on the Liberty Bridge: the short movie about last summer is out
Posted by Budnews · May 1, 2018

Remember that cool event last year when people occupied the Liberty Bridge? With a little bit of luck, this will happen again.

There is a good chance that Szabihíd, the summer event series, when Valyo organization closes the Liberty Bridge will happen again this year. During these weekends, the bridge is closed from car traffic and public transport, and only pedestrians can take possession of it. The initiative started two years ago, spontaneously, when the bridge was closed due to refurbishing works during the whole summer. People of Budapest took possession of it soon: thousands of people had picnic, there were yoga classes, spontaneous concerts and art performances.

This spontaneous summer was so successful that next year Valyo organized it again and the city administration closed the bridge for 4 weekends just because of Szabihíd. If everything goes well, it won’t be different this year. Valyo is already in the process of negotiating with the capital to keep the Szabihíd Weekends this year, which means that the Liberty Bridge can be closed for several weekends.

One of the project organizers, Miklós Tömör told Index that the feedback is positive, and they hope the city administration will decide during the spring on the dates of the Szabihíd. "We hope that the bridge opens for at least four weekends, and on one weekend, we would also try the whole thing if there were tram traffic, with a 10 km / h speed limit." – said Mr. Tömör.

Until then, the organizers released a video of last year's events, which is not only a great mood-making film, but also provides insights behind the scenes. It shows the birth of the whole idea as well as the negotiation with the city administration.


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