Swing conquers the city: this happens when swing dancers dance Budapest around
Posted by Budnews · Jun 1, 2018

“Our city is a dance floor” - says the creative team.

We have never seen such thing before: a couple of dance fanatics made the best video about Budapest ever. Keep Swinging Association made a dance video shooting on 25 iconic spots of Budapest with 61 dancers, a video that is a love letter both to the city and to the dance of the twentieth century. All the best spots of the city appear: Liberty Bridge, Citadel, St. Stephen's Basilica, Elizabeth Lookout Tower, the Metro Station at St. Gellért Square or Fellini Bistro, just to mention a few of them.

The group made the video last summer. They worked for months to fill the most iconic and the most casual venues of the city with swing, and the result speaks for itself. This bouncing, happy video is made to the music of Hot Jazz Band, and brings us back to the bohemian world of last century.

„Budapest pulsates just as swing does. We are proud of our capital, at least as much as the dances we represent. We wanted to show the city's beauty and dynamism in the language of dance, that’s why we made this video. This is Swing Out Budapest!” – can be read below the video.


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