The Birthday Cake of Hungary has been revealed: this is what we can taste on 20 August
Posted by Budnews · Aug 14, 2018

The sugar-free winner has also been announced.

Each year, on the occasion of the national holiday on 20 August, the competition for The Birthday Cake of Hungary is announced by the National Guild of Hungarian Confectioners at the invitation of the Government of Hungary. Organized since 2007, the competition ends with a decision of the professional jury, and the recipe of the winning cake specialty is shared with the general public. The guild expects the participants to come up with innovative and creative ideas yet respecting Hungarian confectionary traditions.

Upon the decision made by a jury of reputable master confectioners, the winning cake obtains the title “The Birthday Cake of Hungary”. This special sweet is available in confectionaries all around Hungary as of 20 August. From this day, confectioners may prepare the cake on the basis of the original recipe.

The popularity of this event has never been greater: since 2007 more and more confectionaries have entered the competition to win the title, and the winning cake is surrounded by a huge interest all year around.

This year’s winner is „Komáromi kisleány (’Girl from Komárom’), that has honey-walnut based dough and pear, chocolate, vanilla cream, cinnamon and ginger in it. Hungary’s sugar-free cake has also been selected: this is „Három kívánság” (‘Three wishes’) that has no sugar or white flour in it. The three dominant ingredients are almond sponge cake with chia seed and walnut, sour cherry and cottage cheese. The freshness of the cake is enhanced by lemon juice, while the top is covered with sweet cream.

The two cakes and the St Stephen's Day bread can be tasted on August 18, 19 and 20 on the Street of Hungarian Flavors for the first time.

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