5 tips how to save summer spirit for fall
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 30, 2018

Keep the summer spirit alive a little bit longer – these program ideas will help you in that.

If you are in Budapest these days, you might see families returning from their summer holidays and/or preparing for the new schoolyear, folks talking about their plans for autumn and some change in the malls and shop windows: even the clothes and shoes are already preparing for the fall.

But it doesn’t mean automatically that we all have to say goodbye to summer already – we can still feel the spirit, for example by adding these programs to our plans in September.

Outdoors? Yes please!

After the hot summer days when we don’t even feel like going out to the small store on the corner to buy some soda, September might bring more ideal weather for some sports: enjoy the outdoor sports like football or basketball with your friends, or go for a hike.

Have a barbecue party

Who said that barbecue parties are for summer? You can organize one on a nice September evening, or even on a weekend – your family and friends will be happy to join. ;)

Swim in outdoor pools

Yes, of course, going to the beach and swimming in a river, lake or pool is associated with summer heat but there are a couple of baths in Budapest where you can do it even in September. And in Széchenyi Baths, outdoor pools are also available also in winter.

Riverboat ride

In summer, maybe you didn’t have the opportunity to explore the picturesque small towns of the Danube Bend so it’s high time to do it this fall. In lack of time, choose a short boat trip to enjoy some time on the Danube and to see how beautiful Budapest is from the river. Our tip: do it by night, the city is an amazing view from the river when the lights are lit up.

Open-air concert

Sziget and the other popular Hungarian music festivals are already over but it is still not too late for anyone to rock under the open skies: there are a couple of outdoor events and concerts – for example at Budapest Park – where you can feel the beat under the stars. ;)

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