Let’s get to know the Dessert of Budapest: small but divine
Posted by Budnews · Sep 17, 2018

Beautiful mini dessert became the official Dessert of Budapest.

Not only Hungary has its birthday cake, but Budapest got its own! For the first time, the Hungarian Chocolate and Sweets Association announced a competition to create the Dessert of Budapest. The competition was open for every confectionary, and 13 of the biggest names participated in it.

This year, the main theme of the competition was the monodessert, which is a mono-portion, or mini dessert, an individual-sized treat that is usually no bigger than 1–3 bites. „We want to change the Hungarians’ 'sweets' habits to replace quality with quantity aspect." -explained Csaba Rebrus.

One of the raw materials has to be grapes - said Rebrus, the president of the Hungarian Chocolate and Sweets Association. It was also important that the dessert should meet the public taste and the recipe had to be easy for anyone to bake at home, and its selling price should not exceed one thousand forints.

The winner became a grape and white chocolate mousse from Szamos Marzipan, created by Péter Nagy master confectioner. The dessert of Budapest debuted on the 8th Sweet Days in Budapest festival, and from now on, everybody can buy it in Szamos Marzipan confectioneries.

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