Pálinka museum opened in the party district
Posted by Budnews · Dec 3, 2018

Here you will find out everything about the Hungarians' cult drink and of course you can taste it as well.

Palinka is one of the world’s unique treasures, that has carried its countless accolades with it for ages not only within the realm of Hungarian gastronomy, but it also occupies a special place in Hungarian culture. It is truly one of a kind: Hungaricum. Nevertheless, not many know about the things that make it so unique as well as what gives it its real value. Now, it’ time to introduce it to the world in a fitting way!

Nowadays, we live in the new golden age of palinka: better, finer drinks are born using the latest technology. That is why it is surprising that while the capital has many places specially designed for beer or wine, one of our most well-known Hungarian drink did not yet have a place where we can go anytime, or what we could show to our foreign acquaintances. But that’s over! The Pálinka Museum Shop Bar, opposite the Gozsdu courtyard, fills this gap, and as its name indicates, there is even more than that.

The museum itself is a journey through the space and time of palinka. You will get to know how the distillation procedure of palinka evolved over the past centuries, as well as its consumption, and finally yet importantly, how it came to fill its unique place, which it still adamantly holds today in Hungary’s culture. The museum has plenty of interactive options: we can "harvest" crops from trees or match the region and its associated fruit. The ticket includes some tasting, and with the use of digital tools you shall be able to make real palinka for yourself.

The shop is just as special as the museum: the founders have really tried to present the full spectrum of this distillate. They offer nearly one hundred kinds of products from more than thirty kinds of fruit from 13 distilleries, including 1 Drops of Pálinka, Gyulai Pálinka, and the Distillery of Agárd. This huge offer will fit almost everyone’s character, and in addition to drinks, other Hungarian specialties such as smoked gray and mangalica products, contemporary design souvenirs and branded garments are also part of the range.

For more information, visit their site and be sure to find the time to visit this sanctuary of the classic Hungarian spirit!

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