Hungarian castle hotel among the best ones in Europe
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 6, 2018

Prónay Castle of Alsópetény got the most important acknowledgement in the competition. 

Three Austrian, three Slovakian and a Hungarian hotel were awarded at the Heritage Hotels of Europe 2018 awards held in Chateau Bela, Slovakia on November 18th. Although there was only one Hungarian hotel among the best ones this year, Prónay Castle of Alsópetény won the “Host of the year” award, considered as probably the highest ranked one. Because it recognizes not only the professional work of the hotel staff, but also the presence of the hosts – reported

The awarded hotels were selected from 100 castles located in nine countries. First, visitors voted then an international professional jury selected the winners of the seven categories.

And the winners are:

Heritage & Design: Chateau Gbeľany, Gbeľany, Slovakia

Heritage & Wellness: Grandhotel Praha, Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia

Heritage & Gastronomy: Strasserwirt – Herrenansitz zu Tirol, Strassen, Austria

Heritage & Hospitality: Romantik Hotel Gmachl, Elixhausen, Austria

Heritage & Culture: Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria

Heritage & Romance: Hotel Château Béla, Belá, Slovakia

Host of the Year: Prónay Kastély, Alsópetény, Hungary

Watch a short video about the hotel – located approximately 50 kilometres/ 31 miles from Budapest –, which is also considered as ideal location for almost any kind of events.

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