Top 8 winter experiences that you shouldn’t miss
Posted by Budnews · Dec 12, 2018

Budapest has many things to offer in this cold season.

Winter is not the favorite season of many of us. Cold, dark, depressive. But it doesn’t mean that it has nothing good in it! We collected our favorite things in winter, things, that always warms our heart up.

Christmas tram: The enlighted trams became inevitable accessories of winter Budapest within a few years. 3500 meters of lightbulbs (exactly 39 200 white and blue LED lights) on the trains provide the festive feeling outside, and even the inside of the tram has festive decorations.

Eat roasted chestnuts! A typical winter delicacy that warms up our hands, our stomachs and our hearts at once. As Christmas approaches, the number of merchants rises. They wear the last century's clothing grows while roasting chestnuts on charcoal to make the time travel perfect and bring back our childhood a little bit. Yummy!

Ice-skating in the City park: It is not possible to spend the winter without having to go to the ice rink just for an afternoon. There are many ice-skate rinks in the city from December to the end of February, so if you tried the biggest one, also visit a smaller one. Every district has its own temporary ice rink and even shopping malls have one on the roof or in their garden.

Relax in one of Budapest's famous baths. Baths are something you shouldn’t miss even in winter! Did you know that Budapest sits on a patchwork of almost 125 thermal springs?! ’Taking the waters’ has been a part of everyday life here, so try the thermal water at Széchenyi, Gellért or Rudas bath. They are not only for older people!

Experience the magic of the Nutcracker! Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker has been a part of Christmas at the Opera House for decades. The new, rewritten version of the classical ballet is in line with the 21st century dance and visual world but has the original charm and magic.

Drink mulled wine. Mulled wine is something unmissable during winter. This hot, spicy drink warms up out heart, soul and stomach and makes the world a better place. You can buy mulled wine in every advent fair, so don’t miss it. You can’t say you’re in Christmas mood until you haven’t try this divine drink.

Visit a Christmas fair! The best things in December are undoubtedly the Christmas fairs. Gingerbread, mulled wine, orange and cinnamon scent is in the air, local artisans selling their goods, the squares dressed in ceremonial decoration are awaiting guests during these marvelous weeks. We have Christmas markets in literally every corner of the city, so be sure to visit at least one other after Vörösmarty Square.

Enjoy the Magic of lights. Budapest is wonderful in every season and in every part of the day. But our capital is probably the most amazing on those ‘magical’ December nights when the streets are already decorated with Christmas lights. If you have some free time, just take a walk in the beautifully enlightened city Centre and enjoy this unique pre-Christmas atmosphere.

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