Must-see: beautiful drone video about the snowy Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jan 14, 2019

The city might have never been so beautiful.

Heavy snowfall is rare thing in Budapest, there are years when the city is not white at all. This year, however, we were lucky: at the beginning of January, a big snowfall made the city a snow-white wonderland. Thick, 15-20 centimetres of snow was sitting not only on the green areas of the city, but also on downtown streets and buildings. The City Park, Danube Bank, Buda Castle and Parliament became snow white, snowmen grew out in every corner of the city like mushrooms, people went to sledge at Normafa in long lines, and the city felt like a real wintery dream.

Unfortunately, the snow has melted by now, but has captured these fabulous days on mesmerising drone video. Since it’s only January, we hope we will have some similar days this year, but until then, we are delighted with the recordings of the past few days. What do you think: the snowy or bright summer city is more beautiful?

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