Two big downtown squares renew: Vörösmarty and Podmaniczky Squares got new look this year
Posted by Budnews · Jan 16, 2019

These two emblematic squares of downtown will almost born again.

If you’ve ever been to Budapest, you’ve probably seen or went through these two emblematic squares of Budapest. Vörösmarty Square is probably familiar to everybody: this is the place where Christmas fairs use to be, the end of the iconic Váci Street, literally the heart of the city. Podmaniczky square is the square where metro line M3 has „Arany János utca” stop and although it’s less spectacular, it’s important. You can reach the St. Stpehen Basilica and the biggest part of downtown from here.

Now the Mayor of 5th district made a huge announcement: both of these important places renew. Reconstruction works are supported by the government and the capital, and planned to be completed by August 31, and as the major said, the city administration is doing its best to create a new city centre of the 21st century. Let’s see the details!

Vörösmarty Square

Vörösmarty Square, owned by the capital, renews „from wall to wall”: the 30-year-old concrete paving will be replaced by high quality, natural paving stone with unique design and appearance. There will be a new public and ornamental lighting system instead of the old one, and there will be new street furniture. Designers will create a place that is better suited to the needs of fairs and cultural events held there: during the renovation, they create shading system with a unified image and with the necessary electrical connections hidden in the paving. The Mayor emphasized that they are creating a worthy environment around the Vörösmarty statue in the middle of the square, and that the surrounding streets will be also renovated in connection with the reconstruction of the square. The section between Deák Ferenc Street Bécsi Street and Apáczai Csere János Street will be renewed, as well as Vigadó Street and Harmincad Street.

Podmaniczky Frigyes Square

About the renovation of the square at Arany János utca metro station Péter Szentgyörgyvölgyi said: the trolley bus terminal ceases, 82 new trees will be planted, green space on the square increases by 30 percent, public lighting will be renewed, and the area will be covered with natural stone, just as in the case of Vörösmarty Square. The aim is to make the central part of Podmaniczky Square a real urban park, which is more than a great idea.

The first plans have already been presented, the renovation of Vörösmarty Square is carried out with state aid amounting about 2.3 billion HUF, while the reconstruction of Podmaniczky Square costs about 1.2 billion with capital support.

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