Budapest Airport became the greenest airport in the region
Posted by Budnews · Jan 23, 2019

We have the only carbon-neutral airport in Central and Eastern Europe.

Being environmental conscious is one of the main tasks of these years. We all try to be greener in our own well-understood interest, and now it turned out, Budapest is very good in it! Budapest Airport has just received the official certificate attesting its carbon-neutrality, achieving this prestigious environmental accreditation for the second time after last year. This means that the airport should be and is capable of counterbalancing – keeping a full balance – of CO2 emission generated in the course of its operation. The relevant strict environmental norms are met by only 39 airports in Europe, mostly in Scandinavia and Italy.

When the program was started six years ago, CO2 emission (the so-called carbon footprint) at Budapest Airport was much higher: since the commencement of the program, Ferenc Liszt International Airport managed to decrease CO2 emission per passenger by close to 50%, which is a big success. This huge development is due to a series of energy-saving measures: among other things, the company achieved that electric vehicles are used in more and more areas also by other companies operating at the airport, enhanced the heat insulation of several hangars and other buildings, and optimized its water network and water consumption. As part of its global responsibility, Budapest Airport announced to take further significant environmental measures. In the next three-year period it will decrease its CO2 emission per passenger by 10 percent versus the 2016 level. Now we are really proud of Ferenc Liszt International Airport, keep it up, guys!

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