Chimney cakes to conquer Malaysia
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jan 29, 2019

The Hungarian delicacy is already available in Malaysia, too.

If you thought that Chimney cakes filled with ice cream and other delicious things are only available in Hungary, well, we must say that you were wrong: fortunately, more and more countries will be conquered by this Hungarian delicacy.

Now we read that in Penang, Malaysia, a company selling chimney cakes, has opened up their second shop. The company is called Rollney and they offer all sorts of fillings and toppings, from Nutella to KitKats and Oreos.

People love it, and is also affordable for the majority because the prices are quite friendly: chimney cakes with no filling are about 2.20 EUR and the one with ice cream filling and Oreos, for example, is about 4 EUR.

If you watch this video, we are sure that you’ll want to taste it immediately. ;)

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