The most beautiful building of City Park is ready: Olof Palme House opens this fall
Posted by Budnews · Apr 5, 2019

Here comes the first video of the mesmerizing Neo-renaissance building.

If you've ever been to the City Park in Budapest, you've probably noticed a beautiful, but rundown building in the heart of the park: this is Olof Palme House, a gorgeous Neo-renaissance building, which is finally brought to a worthy state. The reconstruction of the House is ready, and it will open its doors this fall as “House of Millenium”, a new cultural venue of the city.

The building, with a basic area of more than 1,100 square meters, was originally constructed for the 1885 National General Exhibition as an exhibition venue of fine art, and as recorded by contemporaneous reviews, it was one of the most impressive structures of the complex. At the time of its building, it was praised mainly for its colorfulness, thanks to the unique Zsolnay porcelain decorations of the facade.

Unfortunately, the building proved to be too small for the planned exhibition, therefore another, far larger and more suitable building was constructed in Városliget by 1896: the present building of Műcsarnok. After the establishment of the Fine Arts Foundation, the building was used as a sculptors’ workshop in the 1950s, and then as the central office of the Fine Arts Implementation Company. In this period, the structure significantly deteriorated, and nothing was done to preserve its original beauty.

The current, overall reconstruction started in autumn 2017 according to the design of Ferenc Pfaff: during the works the building's subsequent build-ups have been removed, the entire interior building structure has been demolished and rebuilt, the new roof is covered with huge glass surfaces, and the special Zsolnay ceramics that decorate the facade of the building also have been restored.

The main entrance is also restored to its original place, where in the second phase of the park's landscape renewal, a new beautiful rose garden will be created. The building also got a new name: from now on it's called the “House of Millenium”. The new 1250 square meter building is a cultural community place, with an interactive exhibition space, a millennium-style restaurant-café, a small lecture and conference room on the ground floor with, and a museum pedagogical area.

After the renovation, the House opens with a temporary exhibition about the golden age of the City Park, then a permanent, interactive exhibition also opens, that recalls the most successful period of Hungary's modern history, the turn of 19th and 20th century.

Can't wait to see!

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