Never seen area was opened in the Buda Castle
Posted by Budnews · Jun 3, 2019

It was closed in the past 70 years and there is a good reason, why.

Special archaeological exhibition was opened in the Buda Castle, but the exact location is likely to be little known. This place, 9 Táncsics Mihály Street belonged to the USA since the end of World War II (more precisely from 1948) until the implementation of the Hungarian-American real estate agreement in 2014. It was the diplomatic area of the United States, the accommodation of Marines serving to protect the Embassy at Szabadság Square – thus it was a forbidden place to everyone else..

But now, the building at 9 Táncsics Mihály Street is opened, and it has many things to show.

Walking into the courtyard of the building, you can see one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of recent years. Highly valuable built and tangible findings were discovered during the excavations of last year, which can be viewed by the public from May 24. The remains of the former Erdélyi Bastion defending the Castle were also revealed. In the garden, an archaeological walkway leads through the Erdélyi Bastion, where one of the most significant, best-maintained, multi-meter-high ascending walls of the defense system of the Buda Castle was discovered in several periods. The walls of the Renaissance Erdélyi Bastion was built in the 1530s and now it can be viewed by anybody.

The 13-meter-long medieval castle wall, the remains of the hoist gate and the bronze screw needed for winding up the bastion also can be seen on the promenade, where you can walk around the archaeological area. It was possible to get into the Castle via the footbridge, and now we can go down to the bottom of the explored area, where the rare precious gold and silver coins have been found: treasures hiding such close haven't been discovered in Hungary before.

Part of the rich artifacts found here can be found locally in the exhibition space of the Gun Powder Warehouse (which is also suitable for interactive and drama pedagogical sessions), but the most valuable things, the money and all the accessories were placed in the Castle Museum of the Budapest Historical Museum. Both of it wort visiting!

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