Urban Jungle opened in Budapest- this is Hétkert, the newest bar(?) of the city
Posted by Budnews · Aug 7, 2019

Music, cocktails and unmistakeable atmosphere.

7th district has many good places to chill or drink, and now another one is opened. This is Hétkert, which is not a bar or a club rather a living space, as they define themselves. This place is a nightclub, lounge, cocktail bar and garden in one, where people can get together to eat, drink or talk after a busy day. Of course, music is a must: at the first part of the week we can chill for live music and as the weekend comes, they switch to different styles - from hip hop and electroswing to deep house.

This brings us to the garden party atmosphere, which we love the most about this place. The terrace is reminiscent of a rain forest, the urban jungle itself. Plenty of plants, loungers, delicious food and cocktails, and that's perfectly enough be happy.

Talking about food: BLITZ pizza has moved in, which is promising, mainly because they have brought an original Naples oven with them, so there's no question about the quality. There is a strong gin-tonic line for beverages: we can pick our favorite from a dedicated drink list. They also make several new cocktails that also fly us to the tropics with their matured rum or tequila bases. We can get a bit of a twisted Aperol Spritz - just ask for a Jungle Spritz, and we can also find out what their Negroni is. Don't miss it to try!

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