Hungarian photographer won international award with his shark photo
Posted by Mia Balogh · Oct 30, 2019

Dávid Mucsi won an international photo competition with one of his shark photos, so he could travel to Guadalupe to take some more sharky snaps.

We have already told you about the fantastic works of some Hungarian photographers and voila, here is a new addition to our articles. Let us present you Dávid Mucsi, a Hungarian young man who works with the sharks of the Budapest Zoo and who’s been diving for seven years.

Dávid participated at an international photo competition announced by DivingSpecials (a company which organizes diving tours all around the world), the task was to upload a snap taken during diving. He choose one of his pics taken in South-Africa, where he was diving with 12 2.5 meters-long sharks.

So he uploaded the photo and in the end, in a very close competition, he even managed to have the most votes for his picture. So he won a tour in Guadalupe, Mexico, and the opportunity to photograph white sharks. This is a highly protected unique location, can be found among the best places on Earth for observing and photographing sharks – these animals can be spotted here from 50 meters in the clean, cool water.

David says the whole journey was probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience but he really hopes to travel back there one day and to dive even without a cage.


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