Spice of Europe: new image film about Budapest is here
Posted by Budnews · Nov 12, 2019

This time it targets a higher consumer group than partying tourists.

Budapest is one on the top European destinations, countless touristic magazines recommend us to visit. Yet, we cannot lean back. In 2018 Budapest tourism brand was renewed with the „Spice of Europe” slogan, and as part of the international campaign, the next image film is here. The video debuted on November 4th, and perceived to target a different target group than the previous one.

The video reflects the long-term concept of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, which aims to target foreign audiences who are in a better financial position, than the "party tourists", and those who have different needs and interest than younger generations. The main characters of the new film are in their 30-40s, they're staying in a luxury apartment, enjoying coffee in the Parisi courtyard, worshiping high culture in the Music Academy, watching ballet and having champagne on Leo's rooftop terrace overlooking the Chain Bridge. The video shows quite well the opportunities of the city and creates so mesmerizing atmosphere that you wish to be here even if you're not interested in high culture or can't afford a luxury hotel:


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