Christmas fair at Basilica is now opened
Posted by Budnews · Nov 25, 2019

The second most spectacular Christmas market in Europe awaits with a 12-meter high Christmas Tree!

If we're talking about the Christmas Markets of Budapest, most people think about the one at Vörösmarty Square. But there is an even better one, not so far from the well known. This is the Advent fair at St Stephen's Basilica, which has been voted as the second most spectacular Christmas market in Europe! It blends the Central European traditions and modern attractions, and it's perfect indeed for a nice afternoon with the kids or friends. Christmas spirit sparkles in front of Budapest’s most impressive cathedral during the 9th time this year, and this fair has everything you might wish for: delightful gifts, delicious Hungarian cuisine and free attractions for all ages – including ice-skating for children in a central skating rink that surrounds a towering Christmas Tree. But let's see the details.

The Christmas market at St Stephen's Basilica is open from 22th November till 1st January as a celebration of the Central European holiday traditions, and also features modern elements like eco-friendly practices, flashmobs, and a monumental 3D light show projected on to the Basilica façade several times every evening.

This is the largest 3D light painting in Central Europe: colorful lights appear on the Basilica and tell different festive and religious stories. The 3D animated movies and scenes projected on the front of the building have been meet with huge success for years, and the artists used the playful, peculiar and breathtaking advantages of the building very well again. Each scene is a few minutes long and starts at every half hour, telling various tales which can be seen from all points of the square.

The other extra feature of this market is the skating opportunity for children: in the middle of the market, there is an oval skating-rink where everybody can experiences their childhood once again, while gliding over the ice, lovers clutch each other’s hands tightly and parents watch their children’s first endeavor on ice with sparkling eyes. It is free to use under the age of 14 and if the skates are accidentally left at home, you can borrow a pair for free.

Don't miss it, we will be there for sure!

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