CNN made a short film about the gastronomy of Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Dec 16, 2019

The 23 minutes long video shows the best known restaurants in Budapest – with chef interviews, backstage secrets and of course, beautiful food.

We've always said that Hungarian cuisine something everyone should try, and now CNN has strengthened our theory. They made a 23 minutes long short film about the most famous restaurants in Budapest! CNN highlights that new and exciting fine dining spots are constantly opening up in the Hungarian capital, many headed up by prolific chefs keen to inject imagination and prestige into the Budapest dining experience. They also mention that two restaurants of the Hungarian capital were awarded new Michelin stars in the past 12 months alone, bringing the total of Michelin-awarded establishments in Budapest to six.

"Those who do not want to gain weight, shouldn't not come to Budapest," says András Jókuti, food critic, narrator of the film at the first minute.

The movie (which can be watched here) features Miguel Vieira from Costes, Tamás Széll from Stand, István Veres from Babel, Zsolt Abrudán from New York Cafe, Máté Boldizsár and Szilárd Tóth from Salt. We can find out what their restaurants are all about and their ars poetica in the kitchen.

Don't even start to watch the video if you're hungry!

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