New York Café is the most beautiful in the world according to CNN
Posted by Budnews · Dec 23, 2019

They highlight the extraordinary elegance of the legendary cafe of Budapest.

“Step inside the New York Café, and you may find yourself wondering if you've accidentally entered the Hungarian equivalent to the Sistine Chapel.” This is how CNN's article begins on New York Café, the most prestigious coffee shop in Budapest. The magazine gives readers a detailed history of the 125-year-old building and cafe: the author points out that nearly 500 coffee shops were open in the city by the end of 19th century, but only a few were left, and even the New York Café was closed for a long time. Finally, the building was bought by the Italian Boscolo Group in 2001 and the hotel and cafe opened after five years of reconstruction.

Nowadays, New York Café is more of a tourist attraction, than classic Cafe, but the original beauty is still the same. “Once you've been ushered to a table, you'll likely spend much of your time looking upward, admiring the marble columns and stuccoed angels, and of course, taking photos. It looks more like a lavish palace than a place to grab a slice of cake and a coffee.” - writes the author, and we can't agree more. What else do they say about New York Café? Read it here.

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