The Museum of Fine Arts received a prestigious award
Posted by Budnews · May 12, 2020

Reconstruction works of the Museum of Fine Arts has been awarded with one of the most prestigious international heritage recognitions.

Museum of Fine Arts went through a huge renovation in the past years. The renovation closed a three-decade-long process to correct the damage caused by the former inappropriate changes, and integrated new facilities to meet the needs of a modern museum. During the reconstruction, the damage caused by the unprofessional alterations that characterized the post-World War II period was restored, and at the same time the building was housed with all features that are essential in a modern museum. The imposing Romanian Hall, which was used as a warehouse is now perfectly restored, the museum's outdated heating, building and security system was also modernized. The exhibition halls are now air-conditioned, most of the roof structure was renovated, and new exhibition and public spaces and modern storage rooms were created in the building.

The comprehensive renovation and modernization of the Museum of Fine Arts has affected nearly 15,000 square meters, which is about 40% of the museum’s floor space. During the renovation, a new, underground, modern restaurant and café was also built. After the building has been renovated, visitors can rediscover the face of the museum that the designers had originally envisioned.

Now, two years after the reopening the museum building has won the European Union Cultural Heritage Award (Europa Nostra) in the Preservation category. The Jury remarked that “this is an excellent recuperation of the splendour of an early 20th-century museum. It represents a long-term and thoughtful effort to reinstate the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest – an important institution in Europe – and is underpinned with a thoughtful philosophical basis. The modern interventions have been properly integrated and are appropriate for the additional needs of the museum”.

This Eurpa Nostra award is one of the biggest recognitions: the award recognizes and presents best practices and examples in the field of heritage conservation, restoration, management, research and related education and training. Year after year, applications are received from all over Europe, judged by a jury of independent experts, who then select the winners.


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