Discover Budapest on two wheels!
Posted by Budnews · Jun 9, 2020

The Bicycle Club has compiled a map of bike routes that can be explored by anyone, even beginners.

2020 is the year of biking – thanks to the epidemic. But for the new bikers, situation in Budapest is quite difficult. Many of us do not know where designated bike routes are or what are the most pleasant local destinations.

Fortunately Bicycle Club made a map about the bike path of Budapest, which is really a gap filler. They have created a map of Budapest Bike Circles, on which they show natural and built heritage, green areas, the routes along the Danube, and even new bike lanes.

These bike routes are perfect for sightseeing and also good for practice, as you can try several bike-friendly solutions on them, from separated bike lanes to traffic-calmed streets. Most of the routes can be intertwined and can be explored with an average city bike, even with family.

The routes are marked with different colors on the map, you can read their descriptions by clicking on each route or point. You may want to zoom in on the map because multiple routes partially overlap - making it easier to start on one road and continue on another. The layers (City tours for beginners, Suburban tours, Budapest Greenways, Budapest 100) can be switched on and off as desired. Check out the full map here and start exploring.

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