The most important rule to comply on public transport
Posted by Budnews · Aug 25, 2020

Fewer and fewer people follow the rule to cover their face so Budapest Transport Centre has to be more strict.

People are becoming more and more bored with the precautions introduced because of the coronavirus. Everyone took the rules a little looser, which unfortunately resulted more and more new infections across Europe.

According to a non-representative survey by BKK (Budapest Transport Centre), almost 100% of passengers wore mask in the spring, but now this is around 85%, due to the loosening of the obedience during summer.

That is why BKK draws the attention to the rules of traveling public in its latest communication. They emphasized the fact that as the epidemic situation has not yet ended, public transport can still be used only with a face covered with a mask or scarf.

The transport company draws attention to this rule on every possible surfaces, and it is the primary task of ticket inspectors and passenger coordinators to enforce the passangers to wear a mask. Anyone who is unwilling to cover their face with a mask or scarf after their request may be removed from the vehicles according to the conditions of travel.

The communication also states that the rules also apply to BKK employees, so if, for example, an inspector demonstrably fails to comply with health protection regulations, BKK will enforce labor law consequences.

Don't leave your mask at home!

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