Hungarian actresses recreate iconic Psycho scene
Posted by Budnews · Oct 28, 2020

We all remember the famous ‘shower scene’ from the movie Psycho which is now recreated by 60 Hungarian actresses for the 60th anniversary of the film.  


It might be hard to believe but it’s true: Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic movie, Psycho was made 60 years ago. For this anniversary, Hungarian director, Zoltán Vozó Végh – a big Hitchcock fan by the way – made a special short film in which the well-known shower scene is recreated by 60 Hungarian actresses.

The director said that the project simply started as a love-project for the movie and quickly turned into a special commemoration of Hitchcock’s masterpiece.

In the video, you can see Hungarian actresses like Gabi Gubás, Laura Döbrösi, Petra Haumann, Eszter Ónodi, Bori Péterfy, Nóra Trokán, Andrea Szulák, Erzsi Pásztor or Mari Törőcsik.

The shooting was complicated by a lot of things, for example they ran out of warm water several times and it wasn’t easy to find an authentic shower curtain… but we think that in the end, the director and all the contributors can be satisfied with the result.

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