The renovated southern section of M3 metro is ready
Posted by Budnews · Oct 29, 2020

The tunnel, the rails, the safety equipment and the stations have been renewed.


The renovation of metro line M3 has arrived to another big milestone. One and a half year after the renovation work has started, the southern section of the busiest metro line is completed.

During the renovation, worn-out tunnel elements, the railway network, railway and safety equipment, information elements and the electronic network of the metro line were completely renewed. All stations on the southern section have been refurbished, given clean and modern look and, of course, became more comfortable, better suited to the expectations of the 21st century.

At the four completely renovated stations, 7,200 square feet of new wall coverings were used and 6,700 square feet of walking area was renewed. The passenger area of the stations has also been completely renovated, a unified passenger information system has been built, modern lighting is provided by 1,563 new LED luminaires and 364 new speakers have been installed. And if it wouldn’t be enough: 225 cameras guarantee the safety of passengers.

From now on, M3 metro is running on the entire line, but the already closed stations in the middle section (Arany János utca, Ferenciek tere, Corvin negyed and Semmelweis Klinikák) will remain closed from the traffic. Reconstruction works of the middle section will continue in the coming months.

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