Best new places in November 2020
Posted by Budnews · Nov 12, 2020

Hut, bonbons and venison on the list.


2020 is not the year of tourism and hospitality: coronavirus epidemic has hit the sector very hard. But despite the difficult situation, new places opened even in the past months, where it would be great to have a dinner or mulled wine. Let’s see what are these new places.

Venison Gusto

Premium salamis made from venison, water buffalo and gray beef, fragrant sausages that are favorite of Michelin-starred restaurants - this is the Venison Gusto on Margaret Boulevard. They believe in the tradition of the good old days, all their gourmet-smoked products come from and made of the finest Hungarian venison, and are based on traditional Hungarian recipes.

Alpine hut at KisBíró

Not only the holiday, but also the ski season will be missed this year. To at least preserve some of the experience, Lajos Bíró thought big, and made a real hut on the terrace of the legendary KisBíró Restaurant. The restaurant set up an unadulterated Austrian hut on the terrace and even if you don’t have the skiing experience, the second best thing that can happen in a ski paradise will be possible here in the city.

Matcha Tsuki

Matchas and cakes made with matcha are becoming more and more common in Budapest, but so far we could have it mainly in specialty cafes and everything-free dessert shops. Now, the first place dedicated to matcha has opened, and there is really no shortage of cake and drink offer. Scanning the counter and the drink menu gives the feeling that what can be made with this green material can be found here. The main products include hot and cold drinks, whole cakes, traditional and „free” matcha cookies, and during summer you can choose from several types of ice cream.

Grumpy Budapest

If we have to summarize Grumpy Budapest in a few worlds, we would say the Brasserie and Bar is an outstanding place with French, Italian, Hungarian and fusion dishes. Eclectic style casual place with dishes like real Italian carbonara, chili con carne, vegan torltilla, or specialties like French veal stew in mushroom-cream sauce.


ZAX is a new craft candy store in downtown, whose quality chocolates open a new world after the world of sweets on supermarket shelves. Their main priority is to use products with the highest quality, the owners have traveled all over the world to explore the best places where cocoa is grown extensively. Vanilla from Madagascar, hazelnuts from Piedmont, and almonds from California or the Mediterranean countries are the raw materials of their offer.

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