Hungarian director to work with Liam Neeson
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 23, 2020

Nimród Antal is going to direct Liam Neeson in the upcoming thriller Retribution, shooting is planned to start in spring in Berlin.

According to, companies like Studiocanal, The Picture Company and Jaume Collet-Serra’s Ombra Productions have set Hungarian film director Nimród Antal to direct Liam Neeson in an action-thriller movie called Retribution.

The new thriller’s plot seems to be similar to the one of Speed: a businessman discovers that a bomb has been planted in the car he is driving, by an unknown assailant, who tells the driver to execute a series of commands throughout the day or the bomb will be detonated. The businessman’s family is also in the car – summarizes.

The movie will be a remake of the acclaimed Spanish film El Desconocido – released in 2015, and nominated for 8 Goya Awards –, with a script by Chris Salmanpour and Andrew Baldwin.

Who is Nimród Antal?

American-born Hungarian director, screenwriter and actor Nimród Antal was born in the US to parents of Hungarian descent, but in 1991, he took his father’s advice and moved to Hungary to study at the Hungarian Film Academy. After graduating, he began work in the film and television industry. He returned to Hollywood in 2005, to pursue a career there.

He directed Kontroll, Predators, Metallica: Through the Never and The Whiskey Bandit (A viszkis). The latter one tells us the story of a Hungarian bank robber who became popular because he could always trick the cops but finally he was arrested and spent several years in jail.


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